Wreath Me

dan wreathe 1.jpg

We stopped by to chat with Dan Giessinger who we find immersed in white pine, winterberry, magnolia leaves, laurel, and dogwood branches, all ingredients for his beautiful Green Cottage holiday wreaths. “Some of what goes into the wreathes are local, pine cones and items Dennis or I might collect, and then we have a guy we call Branchman who brings us stuff from all over the area, like the dogwood and a lot of our white pine and the winterberry, We try as much as we can to get things locally, but to make anything have a glitz and a glitter we import unusual dried plants and ornaments from all over the world. Dennis has got the eye for it. So he gives me all of the right ingredients and then I have a lot of latitude to be creative and compose on the wreath shape. A lot of our customers want the traditional look, with pine cones, beautiful greens, and that’s really a beautiful wreath unto itself. But then you get other customers that want a lot of bling. We have one customer who loves a very colorful, very bright kind of wreath, and those are a lot of fun to make. On the other end of the spectrum is a wreath that’s really the idea of a wreath, very natural, very loose, it doesn’t take the circular shape, it’s sort of asymmetrical. It becomes a composition of grape vine and other branches to create clusters in certain areas, as opposed to something that’s spread out very evenly. Thats what I’m having even more fun with. There’s one wreath we do for Dairy Barn which is just massive. It takes up this whole room and the whole kitchen too. Its a group effort, Dennis does a lot on that one. Its also fun when Dennis is asked to decorate a whole house. Then you are thinking about the whole stage, not just the wreath. Very theatrical, very sophisticated. But we also work within a certain budget for other places. One year a customer donated money for Dennis to decorate some children’ s shelters to create a festive holiday experience. I’ve been coming back to make Green Cottage wreaths for years and years and still look forward to doing it every time.”

Wreaths start at $75 and are built to your specifications. Come by and see what Green Cottage can create for your holiday!

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