Betty's Bouquets

betty decker.jpg

Betty Decker is a local Green Cottage vendor who makes beautiful greeting cards from pressed flowers, many of which she grew on her front porch. She learned her skills working for sixteen years at Mohonk Mountain House where she collected, dried, and pressed the flowers she then crafted into gorgeous flower arrangements and wreathes. “I’ve learned from the years I worked at Mohonk what works and what doesn’t. I cut the stems of the flowering plants I buy and press the flowers inside telephone books and label them. I know what kinds of flowers will hold onto their color and what won’t, and they last in the phone books for a long time. It’s very dainty work and I love it, arranging the tiny little bouquets on each card. I don’t like to make a card unless the flowers are vibrant and new looking." 

Betty met Dennis when they both worked at Mohonk, and when she left there he happily agreed to carry her cards at the Green Cottage. Betty has supplied us with her limited-edition cards ever since. Right now she is busy creating her yearly Christmas line. Come by soon and take home her unique and colorful work!