Hans on the Couch

hans cute.JPG

If you've met Hans, David and Dennis' lovely young dachshund, you may have noticed that he suffers from a classic multiple personality disorder, the front end not knowing what the back end is doing, as it were, wagging his tail while baring his teeth, and bursting into nervous barking with no provocation at all. He clearly Needed To Talk To Someone, and so the boys took him to a Woodstock dog whisperer to confront the problem. Hans revealed to her that he was conflicted about his need to be with Dennis in his office and his need to protect David in his studio. He confessed it was making him crazy. In their session together Hans asked Dennis for his permission to focus more attention on David right now, who, in Hans' opinion, is more in need of it. Dennis said he understood. Upon questioning Hans also revealed his favorite Green Cottage personality, which turns out to be Larry Ruhl, to the disappointment of his other Green Cottage fans, but thats the way the dog bone crumbles. Its a dog's life for sure.