Get off that couch

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Galen Green, floral artist extraordinaire, is a Hudson Valley native who returned to the area after graduating from art school in Rhode Island. “One of the reasons I moved back after college is that I love to roam around Mohonk and Minnewaska during the warm seasons. For a long time I planned on leaving the area because the winters were so long. But I loved working at the Green Cottage.

When I came back here in 2004 I started working for David Urso in the jewelry studio and I really enjoyed it. Such a good group of people. Little by little I migrated to the front of the shop, and then Dennis started teaching me to do flowers which I loved doing right away. I did leave Green Cottage to do other work, but I always came back because it was just such a cool place to be. I found that the flower arranging was totally satisfying. It took me a long time to quite get there but I felt like I was making a piece of art for each customer. Unlike the kind of artwork I do, which is pretty edgy, trying to push the envelope, flowers just make everybody happy. Its almost never that someone isn’t happy with an arrangement. Unlike other florists and FTD kinds of places that have to do standard stuff, every bouquet we make is completely individual. We get different flowers into the shop every week, and what comes in is often a surprise for us and it makes it exciting, keeps it new all the time. 

it has taking me many years to start enjoying wintertime in the Hudson Valley. My ideal winter day, if its snowing out, is still to be on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book. But when I met my boyfriend David, a very adventurous and sporty person, I started mountain biking with him in order to make a good impression, and it turned out its just so fun and you can get to all these places that it takes forever to get to by hiking. It's really satisfying. Now we cross country ski together, and we just got these fat bikes, so now we can ride in the snow. It was a long process to get used to winter, but now instead of just thinking about it as a time to go inside and wait for spring, I love to get outside and explore."

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