Wherein We Talk to the Animals


One quiet day recently we were wandering around outside The Green Cottage, admiring Dennis' fledgling dahlias and deciding where to plant the zinnia seeds, when we chanced upon a few hunkered-down garden creatures conversing about the purpose of life, why are we here, what does it all mean, what are garden ornaments for, anyway, that sort of thing. "Are we here to make friends with our fellow critters who are not made of stone?" said the rooster. "Or are we the spirit-of-place, the lares and penates, the guardians of the gates; or else the clowns, as it were, the perpetual and enduring entertainers, the Kermit-esque frogs or cats primitif? "Remember," said the bunny, "we also exist as ironic commentaries on what humans do not want to have in their gardens, rendered harmless in cement."  "We've been around a long while," mused the snail, "since Roman times. The French, the English, the Italians used us throughout the centuries, and the Chinese have always incorporated us in gardens built on Feng Shui principles." "its in the DNA of cultivated societies everywhere!" chimed in the bunny enthusiastically, perhaps getting a little ahead of himself.

We think they are all correct. As luck would have it, Green Cottage has a wealth of garden creatures for sale for whatever garden you are cultivating. Come capture a few soon!