Remembering Dad

dad day use.jpg

Yesterday a couple came into the store shopping for Father's Day and as we were showing them the men's section we began to talk. "Wow look at this shaving brush! That's something you don't see much anymore. You get the best shave ever with those things. Good lather, close shave, smells terrific," said the husband. "You know they say It's the Moms that get all the attention and Father's Day is just an the consolation prize, but I'm pleased to say that's never been the case at our house." "You bet!" said his wife. "I grew up thinking Fathers Day was a pretty big deal. Although you could say every day was Father's Day in my house. Dad ran the family like a small business. Us kids had to make up special punch cards for him in order to get our allowance, for example. We had to mark each weekly payday on a grid on an index card and he would punch it every Sunday. The guy was pretty OCD before there was OCD. Every Christmas he asked for the same Brooks Brothers shirts without pockets and socks that stayed up without garters. He took his Tic-Tacs out of the container and carried them loose in his pocket so they wouldn't rattle. But he was a good guy really despite his quirks."

As we managed to distract the husband ("Look over there at the beautiful flowers!") his wife selected the Klar Classic Shaving Brush and Napa Man Shaving Soap for her husband and we hurried to the back to wrap them up. Ah fathers. They do deserve their day of atta-boys.